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I am moving from my iPad (cracked screen) to a new Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook.

I am looking for alternative Apps to my iPad Apps.

The first major use is to read PDF and eBook files offline (mostly from Flash drive), such as manuals, magazines, tutorials and recipes.

I do not want to open them in Chrome which is heavy/Online and eats up too much screen with it's UI.

Adobe Acrobat Reader pesters me to buy/register it to get beyond the most simple usage.

Someone in this forum recommended Notable PDF which I can not find in the Store.

PDF Viewer is as close to Books on iOSPad that I have been able to find, but it won't open multiple files at once and it always keeps a ToolBar visible at the bottom of the screen in either portrait or landscape mode, which means my pdfs are not full screen.

Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks 😀
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