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My wife has a HP Chromebook she's been using for quite som time now in her business. It is connected to a Brother HL-1210W via usb-cable, a setup that has worked fine.

Suddenly the printer started printing empty sheets, at first we thought it needed a new toner, but that didn't solve the problem. I took it home to investiage, and upon hooking it up to my Mac via usb it prints perfectly.

Now I turned my attention to the driver; I deleted the printer from Chromebook, disconnected the usb and connecte it again. The Chromebook the notified me that there is a new printer; Brother HL-1210W and wants me to configure it. As I enter configuration, Chrombook tells me it cannont automatically set it up so I have to enter the printer manually. I choos Brother, but then I cannon find HL-1210W, I find 1230, 1240 and so on. So I gave those a go, but they only give me blank sheets.

There is also an option to specify a .ppd-file. I tried searching the web for where to find such file, but to no avail.

Does anyone here had the same issue and can help me?

Best regards

Jon Leithe
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