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This may or may not belong here...I didn't see an Accessories forum, so someone may have to move me elsewhere...
As someone who will definitely take my C7 with me when I travel (and I've got a 23rd wedding anniversary trip coming up in a couple weeks), I'm looking to buy a tote/satchel/attache/bag appropriate for carrying my CB, it's power supply, all of my assorted USB cables and attachments and memory stuff, and maybe a wireless mouse.
I've been looking around Amazon at different ones tailored for the 11-ish inch netbooks, but I'm thinking for the purpose of carrying all my other junk too, I may instead get the 14" version of whatever bag I decide on to accomodate everything.
I'm currently focused on this:
It looks good and the price is very good, but the time to ship is crazy!
Second choice is this:
Price is higher, but at least I'll get it in a realistic time frame, lol.
I'd like to know what other people are using, and why, in case there's something better than these.
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