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Can I use apps on my Chromebook?

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Hi all, I just registered here.

I am wondering if I can use WhatsApp, or other apps, such as Skype, Viber, … on my Chromebook.

On my Chromebook, I go to GooglePlay, I check “My Applications” and it shows a few apps I have downloaded, APPARENTLY. When I click on Skype, it says “installed” and “compatible with your device”. But when I click on “Install”, it says that it cannot be install on any device. I am lost.

I guess the Skype app is not installed on my CB. If it shows “installed”, maybe they are talking about my smartphone?

But if the Skype app is really installed on my Chromebook, how do I access it?

Thanks for your help.
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When I go to I see the listing for My Android Apps, this is not my Chromebook app listing. For the Chromebook app listing you need to bring up Apps (lower left corner) to see everything installed, and use the Store to select new apps that are compatible with the Chromebook.
FYI - to pin or remove apps, hold down the alt key with a touchpad click to bring up the menu
Thank you Trent,

I finally found this page yesterday :

And I understand that SKYPE cannot be installed on my Chromebook. The equivalent is Hangouts. Thing is my friend in Panama doesn t have Hangouts on his smartphone, and old Samsung Ace II x. And my own smartphone is even older, and blacks out often when I use wifi. I m disappointed to see that there is no compatibility between 2 Samsung products, my Chromebook and my friend's Ace II.

So I will buy a new phone, who will support Skype and Viber. But I find the new models so big =^(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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