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Chrome os and

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Hi, I was using windows and linux computer from more of 20 years, and from about 6 month I manage 3 chromebooks.
I still have soem backups into mega where I was doing automatic backups from windows and linux.
Now I have to downladd a file of about 15 gb but try to force me to install the app to make that download, but there is no mega app for crhrome os .. so what could I do to download that file from chrome os?
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Hi, have you tried connecting to Mega via Linux terminal?

Done thanks! maybe now to download the file the simplest qay is this one?
get MEGA /path/to/local/folder

I tryed
get 14.75 GB file on MEGA ~/Downloads
-bash: get: command not found

Put it nor worked.. maybe I should config athe user and password of mega in the cli app?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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