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I'm floundering and would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

I'm not entirely sure this is the right question but:
Is there any way I can force Chrome OS to correctly read the resolution of my Chromebook?

I have two identical Chromebooks, bought new on the same day from the same supplier. They are:
Acer CB3-431 - C31R (also says N16 P1 on another sticker).

I have powerwashed them both (a number of times!). They are both running Chrome OS Version 103.0.5060.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

One displays text crisply, on the other the text is blurred.

A look at settings/device/display reveals that Chrome OS thinks they have different screen resolutions (and aspect ratio I think). This is incorrect. They are the same. Even odder is that the Chromebook specs state the screen resolution as 1366 x 768 pixels!

Chrome OS sees the resolution of the one with sharp text as 'Looks like 1536 x 864' and the one with blurry text as 'Looks like 1518 x 853'. At 100% the slider for the first is at position 7/10 and the second at 2/10. This seems a bit odd, and even odder considering the laptop spec states the screen resolution of the Acer is 1366 x 768 pixels!

However I adjust the slider for the second I cannot get text looking anywhere as good as on the first Chromebook.

I've searched all over and can find no issue even close to this. You are my last hope!

Has anyone any ideas?

Thanks for any input.
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