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Okay so I bought my Chromebook in January and loved it. Well, for the past month and a half it has gone through testing and a "fix" that was sure to stop the problem. The problem being: I will turn my computer on and I will get a screen that says "Chrome OS is missing or damaged. Please insert a recovery USB stick."
If I do recover it, it will repeat the whole process over again after being turned off. That's when I took it to Best buy and they sent it off to the manufacturer. They said if what they did didn't fix it, it was a software problem. My only problem with that is...Chromebook's cant really have software. The only thing I ever did was download some extensions for Chrome.
After getting it back, it did the same thing. I am extremely mad, seeing as though they are saying they cannot do anything about it; i.e. it's my fault.
Any ideas?
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