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I have a situation here and would like your help , please.
I bought this refurbished acer chromebook for my 8 years son in order to use it for his web lessons. I had to use a wifi extender (TP-Link wa850re) to have a better coverage. The issue is that when I connect to the extender most of the sites are recognised as not secure (including the platform we are using for kids lessons[/url]). Most peculiar is that youtube works fine and also[/url] , a site with free online games along with some other sites. If I connect directly to my router (even though very weak signal) there is no issue. Plus, next to door is my other's son room, he uses a desktop , windows 10, the extender is located in his room and it is connected through ethernet cable and everything works perfect. It worked fine even when his desktop was connected to the extender wirelessly. By the way when my son's deskotop was working wirelessly (you know with the use of and adaptor-extender) , chromebook was also working fine.
I have checked all security chromebook settings and extender settings but nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas what should I do?

Thank you in advance.
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