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Chromebook and Google+

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Is Google+ the killer app that will drive Chromebook sales?
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No. google + is very cool, but it won't drive sales. They're going to make it accessible for everyone.
The internet as a whole, the growth of web based applications, and abundant mobile web access is what makes chromebooks so cool.
No single site will make much difference, it is the fact that most day to day tasks that used to require a big client computer can now be done just with web access, and that mobile web access has become ubiquitous.
Google+ is very cool. Is anyone here getting to use Google+ yet, ie., as a test user? I was accepted 3 or 4 days ago as a Google+ test user and I'm loving it! Can't wait until it goes 100% public.
I have a Google+ invite, but haven't been able to successfully get in yet. I agree, though, that since it is available to all, it won't affect Chromebook sales particularly.
I have not been able to get a Google + invite, but I hope I will get one soon. I was wondering, does the Chromebook come with a Google + invite?
How does the Samsung Series 5 perform in Google+'s Hangout feature? Especially with >5 parties?
I've been a Google+ user for a few weeks now, up until a few days ago, I was alone among all my friends so I hadn't got a real chance to use it fully. Now that they've opened invites out to a lot of people, I've got to play with it fully on my chromebook.
Everything works perfectly including video chat from what I can see. Pretty much everything Google related has been upgraded to work via HTML5 which helps chromebook performance.

Love it thus far.
I haven't gotten into Google+ yet and I'm not even entirely sure what it's about. I just hope it's better/different from Google Buzz. (Buzz really sucked.)
It seems like facebook but more stripped down..I like it overall..but it will be hard for people to move from one Social media to a new one...I don't see it being a Sales driver.
I still don't have an invite. How do you get one? When is it going to be open so anyone can go and get an account? need to be invited...if you know anyone with Google + they can just put in your gmail account under invite on the main screen.
Google+ does really serve as a slick merging of Twitter and Facebook functionality, I really like it thus far. Chrome has a ton of good extensions to do with Google+, and the Android App is pretty impressive as well.
It isnt much of a sales driver, its tough enough for people to move from phone to phone let alone moving over to a whole new social media. As for selling point for a product to have social media sell your product i dont think soo... i mean i could have google + on my pc...
I still don't have an invite. How do you get one? When is it going to be open so anyone can go and get an account?
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