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Chromebook Check-In: Did You Get Yours?

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I won't be able to get one like I thought due to an emergency that sucked me dry of the money I had saved up, but I'm curious to hear when people start receiving theirs, and what they think about it. Share your new Chromebook experience here so that I may live vicariously through this forum! :-\
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I'm also patiently waiting on someone to report on their brand new Chromebook. This is probably the largest ChromeBook forum yet, never seen any others that caught my interest or were as information rich as this one.

But to anyone that has their pre-order placed, when you get your ChromeBook gives us your views on it! Chromebook review in video would be awesome and much appreciated by me and everyone else
I have pre-ordered and when I get it I will let you know. I think you are right about this forum. I visited a couple of others but was turned off because they had quite a bit of incorrect info and some flaming. So when I found this forum I was pretty happy :).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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