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Chromebook doesn't always allow me to login when offline

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Evening, everyone. I'm a new member, and user of Chromebook for just under a month.

I have a problem which I assume is OS-related: every now and then, when I'm not online, I can't log onto my Chromebook. I get the starting screen, with the small field for my password, but the minute I try to type into it a larger white window covers it up and tries to persuade me to go online, which I can't do, but more of that anon, maybe. I don't seem to be able to get rid of this window so I can get back and finish entering the password, which consequently means that the Chromebook is as good as useless because I can't do anything offline. Has anyone else had this problem, and have you found a way round it, please?

I'm assuming it's not a hardware-specific problem, but just in case, the machine is an Acer C710.
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