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Hi. I'm trying to study the possibility of getting a Chromebook and being productive vs owning a PC or Mac. My questions are:

1. Can i send files via Bluetooth from Android phone?
2. Can i print or scan from Word web version or Chrome OS to a Google cloud printer?
3. Can i scan via Chrome browser using my HP printer?
4. Can i change wallpaper with my own photos?
5. Can i organise files and create multiple folders? Move files between folders easily? Can i rename a folder ala Windows File Manager?
6. Will we see Android apps support?
7. Full HTML5 support?
8. Can i print attached Word doc & PDF files from email?
9. Can i cast via Chrome browser?
10. Is there a way to re-download or put my files on Google Drive to my Chromebook?

Please advice. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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