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Chromebook on Virgin America Flights

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Virgin America wants to help us get to the Chrome zone, and we can hardly wait to help them out. If you haven't heard of Google's new Chromebook computer what it is is basically a laptop tricked out exclusively with all of Google's latest technology. The kicker is that things are all stored in that little thing known as "the cloud," so your stuff is with you no matter where you are. That's a good thing, especially with in-flight WiFi on all Virgin America flights.

Starting today and running through the end of September you'll be able to test drive a Chromebook on select flights from San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, and Chicago. There will be kiosks near the departure gate, and all you have to do is grab one and take it for a spin up in the air and enjoy some free in-flight Wifi, but please remember to return your loaner laptop when you're back on the ground. It's also probably a good idea not to spill any of your in-flight beverages or snacks in the keyboard.
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