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Nothing shows up on the web searches ive done that can answer my questions.

I recently got a windows 8 laptop, so far im not a fan.

I have all android devices and im hoping the Chromebook could be my answer.

The big thing i cant find information about is connecting other devices to a Chromebook. Can i plug in my hd camcorder, or digital camera via usb and transfer the video files and photos? Will they play back?

Anyone that can shed some light on this for me would be greatly appreciated.


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Picasa, add the extension from web store, create an account and upload your photos. Rumor: there will be a change in the future from Piasa to Drive.

I never connect my camera to any computer, I use a adapter for my storage cards (Sony or Nikon), and it becomes a external drive letting me upload photo albums.

A recent blog post stated that Google Drive and Picasa will have their storage combined. This seems like the first logical step in changing Picasa, now that Google has a place that will be marketed as the place to store all your files with Google.

It seemed inevitable, and make more sense (at least to me) that there be some sort of New Photo View on-line option to manage your photos in Drive.

Given that your new Chromebook comes with 100GB of additional Drive storage for two years (and after that your files won't be deleted, you just won't be able to add more), but that is two years away and maybe there will be an extension, only Google knows

Video, I do not know...

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