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I'd like to replace my Desktop with a chromebook. my plan would be to place the chromebook out of site on my desk and have a hard connection into a large monitor while using a wireless keyboard and mouse. I plan on running a few apps at a time, but i'm not considered a power user (maybe 10 tabs open at one time). I'd like something pretty fast that will not likely lag (since thats my biggest beef with my aging desktop (which is an old 15 processor). I've noticed during my Chromebook shopping sprees that prices tend to vary as much as any full blown laptop out there. So here are my questions.

1. should i buy a chromebook with the smallest screen available to save money since i plan on plugging it in to a large display
2. should i go with a faster processor that a celeron? or is it really going to matter?
3. will i need to get a chromebook with specific specs to connect my monitor (which has a hdmi port), connect a wireless (or Bluetooth) mouse and keyboard?
4. Should i be looking at something with an actual ssd vs. emmc?
5. i was planning on 32gb since thats what most recommendation are if you plan or running multiple apps from the android store. would you agree

I'm interested in the forums recommendation since i cant really find anyone out there that tends to use there Chromebooks as a full time desktop computer.


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