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Chromebook Scavenger Hunt

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The Chromebook scavenger hunt is on.... Google is hosting a scavenger hunt to win the right to an early-release pre-order on the Google Chromebook. A great way to build hype, and obviously the forum members here can work together to answer the puzzles, and get early-release Chromebooks. Even if you don't want one, you can make a nice profit selling these on eBay ;)

Google Chrome Blog: Live updates on the first Chromebook preview

Live Updates (latest at the top)

10:55am PT: Denver punk rock band the Gamits literally had their video for their song "Pieces" smashed into pieces to create "This Shell", a music video puzzle built in HTML5 that rewards fans with a free download of the song at the end -- if you can put the puzzle together before the song ends.

10:33am PT: Clue: Put the pieces of this shell together & we think you'll like the sound of it…if you can do it before the song ends.

9:26am PT - The first Chromebook preview location of the day is at Wantist, a fun place to shop for gifts designed with a clever "one-sentence interface": I'm looking for [something] for [someone] -- all built in HTML5, of course.

9:06am PT - Clue: For the artist, romanticist, whatever-ist in your life, get them what they WANT...

9:03am PT - Welcome to day 2 of the Chromebook Preview, where you can get your hands on a Chromebook early. With limited quantities of Chromebooks left, we're going to up the ante today and make it a bit more challenging to find the preview. Are you ready?
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