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Chromebook sweet spot - Acer 11.6"

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I think the sweet spot of the entire market for Chromebooks will be the 11.6" Acer. Its a great laptop for students, and people on the go. It will be lightweight, and entirely connected to the cloud, making it ultra-portable.

I would love to see these available in waiting rooms, and around the globe in hotel business center's etc. They could even rent them out to hotel guests for $9.99/day if they chose to travel without their laptop.

The whole cloud model makes this all very interesting. I could pull up all MY computer and MY documents, but on a computer owned by the hotel.
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it would certainly make airport security a lot easier! lol

I think it will take people a long time to understand it doesn't need to be THEIR computer anymore.... the cloud computing will make any machine theirs.
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