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PCs are cheap to acquire and expensive to manage. Large organizations have built PC management platforms using products like ZENworks, SMS and LANdesk. These are expensive tools and require trained administrators, but large organizations have had no other choice to keep their PCs updated and manageable. The annual cost of managing a PC varies but it is typically several thousand dollars. SMB organizations usually have less automated management methods that are expensive in terms of the amount of internal administrative support time required or they rely on MSPs to do this for them at a fixed price per PC.

A 3-year Chromebook business subscription from Google is $1008, which includes maintenance, support and replacement due to damage or malfunction. Compare this to an MSP which may charge $80/month per PC for similar services or $2880 over a 3-year period.

Chromebooks will appeal to organizations that rely on Web apps either inside or outside their firewall. SMBs that have been using PCs for the same purpose could save 66% over the cost of using an MSP to manage standard PCs. And for those businesses that need to run legacy Windows apps, Citrix will be releasing Citrix Receiver for Google Chrome, which means those legacy Windows apps can be centralized and run on either Windows 2008 Terminal Servers or Citrix XenApp servers where they will be easier to manage.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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