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Chromebook vs iPad

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Hello. I'm new to both the Chromebook and iPad. Even after watching video's about the Chromebook & iPad i have trouble deciding which to get.

I am a student and will need it for browsing the net, watching video's off of youtube, apps (i love apps, being a iphone user i use a lot of the available apps), Facebook, twitter, skype, msn. It also needs to have Microsoft office programs such as Word & Excel.

Please state the con's and pro's to both the ChromeBook & iPad.

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You're out of luck with both platforms!

The closest thing to Word & Excel on the Chromebook is Google Docs... and iPad has there own set too. But neither offer Word & Excel.

However, Word & Excel are coming to the web very soon.

You can go here to check it out: Office -
Office365 apps are a good alternative if you have to have Word and Excel, but honestly the Google Apps version of these apps are getting better everyday, I no longer feel the need for an alternative.
Google Docs isn't too bad, I've actually used it quite a few times when I was on a computer without Microsoft Word. Thanks for the info chromeME.

I agree with modder, they are getting better as the days progress. I will just have to get use to using something different/newer.

I will have to check out Office365 apps.
Neither would be great for a student, since most schools still use Microsoft word. Id say stick with a conventional laptop for now and use use your iphone as a toy, but if it really came down to it, i would go for the chrome book, as the Ipad is a long shot from cheap, + the apps and just the functionally of the device without a keyboard is a pain.
Definetly a keyboard would be needed for the amount of typing alone.
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