Google Chromebook Forums banner hits 100 posts!

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Wow guys.... only the first day and already 100+ posts! Congrats.... this site is going to be the hottest place for Chromebook discussions!
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Yes even we have been surprised.... the site is growing like crazy! Welcome everybody!!!
Great site, great posts, I'm glad to have come across it!
Heh make that 233 posts already.... oops 234 now! :)

Happy to be a part of the largest Google Chromebook forum :)
So far so good, I really like this forum so far!
i belive we are way past 100 now , this forum is going to get big! go google chrome book !
I second Driod.

This forum is on my bookmark list as well!

Bookmarked here too. This is a game changer.
I joined after 10 mins. I cant wait till i get my samsung beauty!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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