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Chromebooks Are Bestsellers on Amazon

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How well are the Samsung Chromebooks selling? Judging by the Amazon 'Bestsellers in Laptop Computers' category, things look promising indeed. Read more

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Well done, Chromebook. Although many people have voiced their dislike to this gadget but many more people are just as eager to get one and take advantage of its privileges. Most people use the computers mainly for web browsing and Chromebook addresses that need.
Looks like people are finally accepting the new idea of the cloud. :)
Congrats to the Chromebook! It's been a while since it came out (well, relatively, in the scale of Internet Time), so it's nice that it's still doing so well.
The Google Chromebook has been on of the top seller list on Amazon for a while now. They have been climbing the list little by little. Looks like they are at number #3 and climbing.
Just goes to show that the Chromebook was a great idea! I still haven't managed to get one, but I am looking forward to it more and more!
Well, there might have been critics here and there but I always say that is any part of a successful venture.

I agree that these devices kind of addresses everyone's internet needs and especially for those that have already purchased it.
Your right Woods, a lot of the bad stuff that was out there about the Google Chromebook was either a critic or a competitor. I like the sales numbers because that is when you see how the people REALLY feel.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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