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Since you are deprived of all solid food for so long, make sure you get back to the normal diet post therapy in a step wise manner. Begin with herbal juices initially and then follow them with semi-solid and solid foods gradually. This would ensure that you don't face the problem of constipation (something that is likely to occur for the digestive system is in such distraught shape). Also, remember not to overdo it at any point in time.

So you must have got by now that this colon cleanse routine is no child's play and needs Urgent Liver 911 to be executed really well. So make sure that you undergo it only if it is really unavoidable. Also, ascertain that it is carried out under expert guidance.

The colon cleanse therapy surely helped many celebrities to lose 22 pounds in two weeks and can work to the same effect for you, but ensure that you can handle it before you actually take it on. Or else, stick to regular natural colon cleanse supplements, for they would work equally fine. I used a natural colon cleansing supplement and lost 32 pounds with ease. I'm sure you can do the same!

Urgent Liver 911 Review – PhytAge Labs Liver Supplement Support?
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