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Processor......Linux Kernel

Since I've had the cr-48, I have compared it to my Lenovo S10 (no dash) with 2GB of RAM using Lubuntu, now at version 11.04.

They are remarkably similar in terms of electronics (processor, RAM) and seem to function about the same in terms of speed, until I updated Lubuntu to the 11.04 edition. Then the S10 really speed-ed up.

Seems the Linux Kernel (2.6.38-10 currently) has offered great improvement for the processor, Atom N455.

It is to be included in version 13 of Chrome OS, so I am expecting to see improvement in the cr-48 as well.

Overall, considering the cr-48 is essentially a netbook, I am really pleased at how it has worked with Chrome OS beta.

Just limited in video in higher resolutions so far.

Cheers, Rick
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