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Desktone Brings Microsoft Apps & Photoshop to Chromebook Users Right Now

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Thanks to an industry first from Boston-based Desktone, Microsoft applications, Adobe Photoshop and other popular programs can now be easily streamed to Chromebooks at an affordable price. Read more

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Genius this is a great wake to make money to launch a Chrome only virtual os for online applications only, ideally this would solve any file issues and make everything a lot easier and for such a low cost as well 1 dollar a day!/ per use!
On the otherhand if a company is already worried about placing documents on the "cloud", adding a third party to the mix might increase their paranoia.
Paranoia... well everyone will always be paranoid but what can you do, pay for the ease of acess to your files for the risk of security... .. thats what it has boiled down too.
Photoshop on chromebook! thats sick.

I know a bunch of people wanted to have photoshop on their chromebook. With google wanting their chromebook be part of the corporate world, the photoshop part of it is a big plus. Will anyone here be using photoshop on the chromebook.
Virtual Windows Desktop, wow it sounds fancy! But will $1/desktop/day really prove cost effective in the long run? Is that "desktop" accessible by the whole network with, say, 100 computers?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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