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Disappointed because of printer setup in Chromebook

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I faced issue multiple times while printer setup in Chromebook of different modal no. and of different brand.

As printer manufacturers don’t offer printer drivers for Chromebook. That’s why a Chromebook doesn’t support full functionality of a printer.

For Advanced printer configuration; Manufacturer and Model No. are required.
Chromebook compatible printers are very less. That’s why mostly it’s required for adding a printer manually.

For adding a printer manually, Address, Protocol and Queue are required.

Printer is connected to the router successfully. Chromebook and the printer both are in same network. That’s why printer’s IP address is supposed as Address but it doesn’t accept.

Please let me know,
  1. From where I can fine Address,
  2. What should be in Protocol for an end user and
  3. What will be Queue for an end user.

Please help me so that I can setup printer successfully with Chromebook.

With Regards
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