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Some mates of mine over on the SELOC forum in the UK have done something incredible, and need your help. A bunch of guys with no experience in the music business decided to put a band together to entertain their friends who would all be camping at a race meet this weekend.

Another forum member* who's produced a few records helped them produce and release a single - a cover of the excellent Gary Numan track 'Cars', with every penny of the proceeds going to the Alzheimers charity. With a bit more help from the other forum members, they've also put together a promo video.

As it happens, they're pretty good. The single was released for download earlier this week, and they've made #51 in the UK midweek rock chart. They're hoping for a Top 40 placing at the end of the week, and did I mention every penny raised is for a great charity?

You can view the video here:
You can buy it on iTunes here: Have 'Em In the Chorus - Single by Geoff Leppard - Download Have 'Em In the Chorus - Single on iTunes
You can buy it on Ovi here: Search results for music on Ovi

More background: Gigseen Newsdesk: DIY Chart Success...with Geoff Leppard!

Please take a look, and post your comments here!

*Same guy who did Crazy Frog. He's never stopped apologising for that. He's also interested in chromebooks. Tenuous link I know, but did I mention it's for charity?

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yep, had a look, and looked again.

Most creative use of high end cool four wheeled device to date, hands down, no contest! Congrats!

How 'bout a thread? Most insane/ cool/ relaxed/nervous/insomniating(?)/adrenilizing/ stimulating/ in some totally normal/legal/out there and warped beyond belief /way to be a Human and talk about it. Maybe we end up somewhere normal. Hi, I'm Normal. What's your name?
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