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Do I use same PARROT after changing HD->SSD

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Beginner on Chromebook
I start on the subject yesterday by buying an Acer C710-2490 without the hard disk. I installed a SSD Adata S510 (120GB, Sata3)
So I tried to find accurate information about how to create a USB recovery flash drive and I applied this procedure to install Chrome OS .LINK
I got twice the message : " an expected error has occured ..."
I used to kind of USB keys (4Go) : a kingston and a Sandisk
I have two questions :
- May I check if the SSD is identified by the system (equivalent of Bios operations on a laptop, to see if SSD is compatible with the C7)
_ Do I have to use the same PARROT when I use a SSD ? (PARROT STILT F-D 3450)
Any advice is welcome :)
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