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Do want an official chromeos CD for generic laptop?

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As the topic. Any google guys here? If you the reader also want to install it on your old Machine, please response. Thanks!
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i wish i could get my hands on the chromeos CD for a test run and install and see how well this Chrome OS works!
You can try ChromeOS and even install it sinc the source code is available. Building your own is quite long. Follow this link to get the procedure to boot from USB. If your BIOS does not boot on USB, then you can burn the plop bootmanager on a CD nd boot it. It will bring you the possibility to boot your USB key

To create your USB key:
Try Chrome OS

To boot without USB BIOS support:
Plop - Boot Manager - Free Boot Manager, builtin usb driver, native usb, boot different operating systems, cdrom, usb, freeware, option rom bios
While I was reading this I was thinking about how sweet it would have been to have been able to install the Chrome OS onto PS3. But even if you could install another OS onto PS3 would it have been able to work?
I would like to convert out of Microsoft Windows OS, it woudl be awesome to get a CD of Chrome OS.
The thing is Chrome OS is only for a couple of machines..which means your driver support will be very lacking.. You can always try and let us know now well it works on that machines..I would deff post specs on machines that work.

cjm337 - the Source right now is only x86 and Arm...not PowerPC. So nope. No PS3 plus other OS is dead.
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