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Do you belong to any clubs?

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Offline or online, I guess. :confused: I'm sort of thinking I need to socialize more, so I was thinking of joining a club or two. I'm just not sure which ones to go for yet!

Do you belong to any clubs/societies/etc?
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Uh, no, I don't. My "clubs" are online forums, basically! But a couple of my friends are in RPG clubs and whatnot, and they have fun.
“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Groucho Marx.
I completely understand about the "need to socialize more". I just joined Google+ and I'm loving it so far. It's available by invite only at the moment as it is still in the testing phase. Anyway, I recommend checking Google+ out as a new way to socialize. It's working for me :)
I joined Google + too but outside of that, I belong to no clubs at all. I get to meet people here and so I would not call my social life that dead!
I don't think Google+ really counts as a club, does it? Forums are more club-like than Google+ is. :p Anyway, I've decided to join a local video game club I found out about. Haven't been to a meeting yet but I hope it'll be fun.
I'm a member of SELOC, a car club. While there is a big internet forum and wiki, we also have local meets and organised events. The club has raised a fair bit for charity with auctions, and the online wiki and knowledge base has saved many members a small fortune with DIY advice and other tips.

I'll be out with them on the airfield next Friday, doing some more of this:
I just joined a book club this month! I'm kind of excited, because I haven't ever been in a book club before and I like doing new things.
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