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Do you have too many "gadgets"?

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I've been feeling a little guilty lately for wanting a Chromebook when I've already got a desktop, netbook, and an "emergency" laptop. And then there's the other gadgets I have! Kindle, iPod touch, iPhone, Nintendo's almost gotten to the point where I feel like I have too many gadgets. :rolleyes:
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I don't, yet, but I do enjoy gadgets! I had a smartphone, but unfortunately it didn't like me. I'm not really sure what went wrong with it, but it decided to quit working.
Actually I've found it hard to find gadgets I want lately. The Chromebook is my first this year. I already have:
- big HP laptop (3 years old)
- HTC Desire smartphone (1 year old, still going strong)
- HTPC (built it myself about 4 years ago, recent minor upgrade to handle HD)

There isn't a lot else I need. I use the laptop at home and on the road, and the Chromebook will take its place on the road but not at home (yet*). I might replace the laptop with a desktop machine in due course.

*I need extended displays, Skype and GotoMeeting to work before I can use a ChromeBook for all of my work. These are all limitations that could be solved in time.
Mc, I do not think there is any such thing as too many gadgets! I like to think positively about things like this. Think about it this way, you have hands on experience with enough gadgets to call yourself "Cutting Edge", you should be happy! :)
Is it even possible to have too many gadgets? :eek:

Seriously though the whole convergence thing (i.e., one or two gadgets does it all) never really seemed to work for me. Ergo, multiple gadgets. At least that's my excuse... :rolleyes:
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