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My expense claim has been submitted :)

One of my colleagues is keen on getting one too, so they could become a local trend.
My job is to provide pre-sales, training and consultancy services for a company that develops and supplies web based systems. We get a fair amount of autonomy over our hardware choices, which is unusual in bigger companies. Most of our day to day work is using the browser - the software we work with is all browser based, and we use google apps and sugar CRM heavily. The intensive browser use is the big clue that chromebooks are right for us - a tablet is too casual and imprecise for what we do, and we have little need for local software so no big advantage to a traditional laptop.

One additional advantage that isn't heavily promoted is security. From a security standpoint I regard the chromebooks as closing quite a few threat vectors - if it was stolen I could be more confident about it not containing any customer data than my old laptop. I'm far less likely to have a problem with malware too.
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