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I just bought today a Asus Model CX1500 with 4gb ram aGB hd. Ben unhappy since I fired it up. First off, Google Chrome has a very dark theme. I have tried a couple others with no success. I use a Segate 1 Tig external most of the time. On there I have a home page that is just basic html. It is a black background with lime text. It shows up as a white background with light blue text. And any images that I try to view all show up like a negative. So if I search Google, images are really hard to see. Videos play fine.
And how can I get rid of that annoying Google Assistant that keeps popping up? I am so ready to box it up and take it back. I paid $229 for it and am considering putting it on Facebook for like $175.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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