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I'm a nursing student, and my professors have told us students that it'd be wise to get a little laptop, and instead of purchase physical copies of the books we need each semester, find a digital copy and save our backs.

I was thinking a chromebook would be a good fit, light, small, etc.

BUT, I've heard nightmares about having issues like not being able to edit, annotate, bookmark, highlight, etc, efficiently, like you can on a normal windows PDF download. I know there are a few PDF apps on the chromebook, but yeah, i've heard bad things. I want to feel like I can do everything I can in a normal book (put tabs for easy reference, highlight, etc etc), and have them permanently saved to the PDF book (i've heard sometimes editing like this only lasts for the session, and can't be saved as the new book)

Should I just get a small laptop? or is a chromebook going to be okay for this? please help soon, i need to make a choice today. THank you so much.
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