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Flash drives

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I need to put some documents from my old laptop (Windows Vists) onto my new Chromebook. Not sure if I can do this, or how to go about it. Is there a particular flash drive that the Chrome OS requires? Will Chrome translate from Works to Google Docs?
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You can use flash drives with chromebooks, but this is not gte best way to do what you want. Your best bet is to upload your documents from your Vista machine to Google docs. It might struggle converting ms works format, you may need save them in a different format first - perhaps rtf or doc.

Once you can view and edit your documents in Google docs, they will work fine on your new chromebook.
On your vista machine, open Google docs (, click 'Upload', then either 'File' or 'Folder' as is your want.

Your documents will then be uploaded to the cloud and converted* into Google docs format, which then means you can access them from the Chromebook, your Vista PC, or anywhere else just by signing into Google Docs.

Stop thinking about 'transferring things to my chromebook' and instead start thinking 'put my things on the web' :) Your chromebook is just a web browser, and it doesn't work with local files well.

*Google Docs will convert what it can, it might struggle with some file formats. If this is the case open them up in Works and 'Save As' to something else - .doc should be fine.
Happy to help!

Can you connect anything else to your range extender?

If not then the range extender probably needs some configuration. Review the documentation that came with it and if necessary ask the shop for help.
It isn't a big surprise that Chromeos isn't listed, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't work!

Perhaps you can test one in the shop?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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