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Gaming question

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I am looking to purchase a Chromebook for my son.......can't beat the price for a young HS kid IMO. I've researched but I can't seem to find a definite answer to a gaming question. I saw that it didn't support JAVA back in the summer but that developement might change. Has it?

Specifically the game Runescape. He loves that game and even thought the sole purpose of the purchase would be for school work, it would be a win-win if he was able to play the game as well. Does anyone know about that game and Chromebook?
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I just went to the website and tried it out and chrome woud not open the file I had to d/load to get the game running.BUT in the Chrome store they had it listed vut it wouldnt run. I and other have left them feedback left them a 1 star and bitched about it.

so no, runescape will not play.

here is a link to the google store
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