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Google + Acer = Love?

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Google is opening a Chromebook center in Taiwan. Now I think it is interesting because they are opening quite close to Acer's head quarters. Does Google + Acer = Love?
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I have never been much of an Acer lover because the two laptops I have owned before have been Toshiba and Dell. Too bad the latter got stolen before I could get a good taste of it.

I think it is gonna do well nonetheless.
They must have just announced that because this is the first I have herd about a Google Chromebook center. What is that center going to be for?
Google + Acer + me = Love.......that's all I really know for sure :)
I love the fact the Acer Chromebook coming out has hdmi. I love streaming online content to an hd tv!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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