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Google+ another Google Buzz/Wave?

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I admit I haven't done much research into G+ (and I don't have an account yet so I can't see for myself), but like a lot of people I can't help but wonder if it's just another Buzz/Wave fiasco. Those things were cool when they first came out and then they crashed, hard. Do you think Google+ will burn out of its coolness early on, too?
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Well, they've got 10 million + users already so it must be really good. I've got an account but I still don't see the benefit of it as yet. I don't have any circle and having a gmail/google account is basically the same.
Yeah, considering how many users they have, I think there is little chance that this is going to be a passing fad. I have an account too, but I don't really use it often.
I think Google plus will beat Facebook. I don't think it will happen right away, but I do think that it will happen. Mark Zuckerberg should be shaking in his boots.
Google Plus has some features that are nicer than Facebook, definitely. I think it will take time to make the switch, though, but I don't see either G+ or FB going the way of myspace.
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