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For anyone looking to apply a new theme to their Google Chrome Book browser or just the Google Chrome browser on a different OS, the following links show you where to get the Chrome theme's.

Feel free to post any theme's you find in this thread, it should help others find what their looking for!

Google Chrome Book Browser Themes

Google Chrome Themes - By Google

Google Chrome Themes - By Artists

Google Chrome Themes - Chrome Web Store


How to setup Themes in Google Chromebook

Personalize your Chromebook by changing the theme of the browser.

Find themes

Explore special themes developed by Google and artists at the Themes Gallery. Once you find a theme you like, simply click Apply theme. The theme will be applied immediately to the skin of your browser. If you change your mind, just click Undo in the message that appears at the top of page to go back to your previous theme.

You can peruse other third-party themes in the Chrome Web Store. Once you find a theme you like, install it to try it out.

1. Visit the Web Store at You can also reach it by clicking the
icon in the “Apps” section of the New Tab page.

2. Browse or search for the theme you’d like to install.

3. On the theme's details page, click the Install button.

Sync your theme

Use the sync feature to apply the same theme for Google Chrome across different computers.

Reset the theme

You can reset the theme back to the default classic theme.

1. Click the wrench icon
on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Settings.
3. Click the Personal Stuff tab.
4. In the "Themes" section, click Reset to default theme.

I hope this helps!
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