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Soon after I landed on Google+, I tried to find a Chrome extension for Google+. Currently there is none released by Google. Thanks to my friend, Dinu, I tried Surplus as recommend by him.


Thanks to Dinu who recommended this. Surplus is a simple yet powerful Google+ extension. By default it adds the current web page to the share box ready for sharing. So it's a sharing tool for Google+.

Besides, it notifies you (with optional sound) when you have a new notification, like somebody added you to his circle. If you have multiple Google+ accounts, it can handle them properly.

Extended Share

Extended Share is a linkage between G+ and Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. With this extension installed, you find an option to share a stream to these social networks. Your friends would find a link to the G+ stream.

Notification Count

The name "Notification Count" tells everything. Its only function is to show the number of unread notifications on your Google+. Simple but effective.

+Photo Zoom

Like many similar extensions for Facebook, +Photo Zoom enables auto zooming of photos, but in your Google+ Stream. Just place the mouse cursor on photos, no need to click, an enlarged photo pops up immediately. Perfect for previewing your friend's montages.

Google+ Bar Color Changer

The default colour of the new Google sandbar is black. For obvious reasons not all people like it. Google+ Bar Color Changer changes the bar to other colours.

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Also check out panelize (search the chrome web store).
It turns any web page* into a popup panel that is present when you're looking at other web pages. I'm sure Xzibit would recommend it in his own unique way (yo dawg I heard you like web pages, etc). Personally speaking, it works exceptionally well with the Write space local textpad app.

*except the pop-out 'compose mail' gmail page. Known issue. sorry.
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