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Google CR-48 disassembled pics: CR-48 teardown

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Found pics of a CR-48 disassembled. Some pretty interesting things inside. Is it just me or do you think 16gb is too much storage for something like this?

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a 16GB SSD shouldn't be too much of an issue.

ive been wanted to upgrade my imac @ home for to an SSD, they are just so much faster than the conventional Hard disc storage we used to have.

thought it looks like the CPU could use some better cooling.
In my EPC the cpu cooling was originally handled by the metal on and behind the back of the keyboard, quite a large heatsink but you couldn't see the parts without removing it. I don't actually see an Atom, did the original chromebook use something else or is that chip by the yellow bios battery a northbridge and the cpu is somewhere else?
@ ben , even though heatsink do work well, when under constant usage all that heat takes a wear on the heat sink and the thermal gel used as well. That does look like a CPU right bu the yellow battery, the red clips around it look like locking clips...
Thank you for posting these images. I always wondered what the squirrels looked like under the keyboard.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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