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I had never thought of this, but apparently other people are!! An ad-supported, free or subsidized Chromebook would be pretty cool. I'm guessing Google doesn't feel they have to because most Chromebook users will already use Google Search.

Google has ‘no plans’ for an ad-supported Chromebook - Telegraph

Google’s Sergey Brin has mounted a spirited defence of the cost of Google’s new Chromebook laptops, while the company’s Senior Vice President for Chrome has said that there are “no plans at this time for an ad-supported” model.
Speaking to a group of European journalists, Sundar Pichai said there were currently no plans for an ad-supported or subsidised Chromebook, despite Amazon’s recent launch of a Kindle for a discount price if users agree to watch adverts.
Asked specifically about the price of the new laptops, running Chrome OS, from Acer and Samsung Sergey Brin asked journalists how many of them were using laptops that cost “less than $1,000”. When only one of around 50 raised a hand, he replied, “I think the Chromebooks offer pretty good value. We think this is a really competitive price”. Brin said that most other computers were considerably more expensive than either of the new Chromebooks. The devices will retail from $349, and a number of journalists and commentators have compared that unfavourably with Windows models.
In the UK, Samsung has announced that the two models of its Chromebook will cost £349 for a wifi-only model and £399 for a wifi and 3G enabled version. A sim-card from network Three will be included, but users can insert others. Both will be for sale online from Dixons, PC World and Amazon. Details of Acer's model, which is likely to be cheaper, have yet to be confirmed.
Caesar Sengupta, Google’s director of product management for Chrome, added that manufacturers set the prices for products.
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