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Google Introduces Premium Laptop: The Chromebook Pixel

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Google has developed a brand new, high-end Chromebook for power users. The sleek Chromebook Pixel with a shiny aluminum body and 12.85-inch touchscreen is now on sale for $1,300. Read more

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The $1,300 Pixel Chrome book will dual boot Linux with better graphics than other Laptops. The price everyone is disappointed about in reviews is quite similar to a Win8 Asus i5 laptop price. Yet, Linux should install in the Pixel without the secureboot hassles of a Win8 system, where Microsoft controls the keys.

My only wish Google would develop a grub2 dual boot menu that could be edited and activated when setting up a multi-boot system, instead of requiring users to toggle into developers mode and not be able to keep their settings in Chrome O/S. Yes it would slow the boot system down a bit but that would allow the user to boot a full Linux, or the light weight chrome O/S that might be used often in a public WiFi locations.

The price does not appear to be in the cloud, when compared to a quality i5 laptops in the marketplace with Win8 system sporting great cooling and better graphics (but many of these system do not have a textured mouse pad, nor the gorilla glass touch screen)

A Win8 System - Acer with i5 processor and Gorilla Glass
Acer | Aspire S7 | S7-391-6810 | Overview

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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