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Google is encouraging users to hack Chromebook

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Google is actually encouraging users to hack the Chromebook - this is awesome! Total opposite of the war-lord Steve Jobs.

Chrome Head Pichai: I Didn’t Say This (Twice) But Feel Free To Hack The Chromebook

So would anyone like to run a virtual-box Chrome on a Mac OSX?
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Even better than that I like that the 3G models won't be carrier locked, essentially I think Google's logic here is the end user already has a cell phone carrier, why potentially force a second carrier on them too?
They encourage us to hack the OS because that attracts way more customers because people simply do not want to pay for apps and many other things.

Such as the Android, where it keeps getting jail broken and rooted, allowing, a fully customizable options. Where as the Ipad is boring and there isnt much modd or change you can do to it other than skins and themes ans such.
This is awesome. Apple will never do such a thing. It's funny when hackers release a new jailbreak/unlock for the iPod/iPhone/iPad apple catches on and releases an update to patch that hack incase you have it making it much harder to hatch that new firmware.

Good move to attract more customers, but is this a smart move that google made?
It's not that funny, I'm currently an iPhone4 user (to my own disgust) and that happens to me ALL the time!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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