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I have a question. I have a cromebook since today. I started at for the first time and many things i see on youtube doesnt work. Later on i shut it down and when i use it again there are the things i searched. Looks like the cb did an update. The wired thing is that there was google now on my chromebook after this update and the next time i shut my cb down and start it again the google now was not there anymore.

I can't find any seetings for it. Please can anyone help me?!

thanks, Thomas

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Hi Thomas...

Did you shut the Chromebook down completely on one occasion, having to 'Log In' again when starting up and the next time, did you just close the lid down and let the CB go to sleep ~ or the other way around... That's what it sounds like...

I never 'Log Off' with my CB, I simply close the lid and the next time I lift it, it's right back where I started...

There are two ways of starting Google Chrome... One is to click on the Chrome Icon (which is a three coloured circle) the other, is to click on the 'BLUE 'g' app ~ which is Google Search complete... That has a few more options available at the base

If you want the same thing (whatever that might be, to reappear when you start Chrome from scratch, there is a box in the settings, that needs to be ticked, asking the CB to do exactly that...

The settings can be opened, by clicking on the black bar, down by the clock, then clicking on the spanner...

Hope that helps... Please get back to me, one way of another, to let me know how you get on with this....

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