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How many of you are using the new Google Photos? I am using it through my Mac. Had to download a Mac specific app for that. Uploading thousands of photos from my Mac now.

Question: When Google Photos are uploaded from one computer such as my Mac, do they automatically synch with my Chromebook? Reason I am asking is that I am lending my Chromebook out to a friend and she is on a bandwidth capped ISP service. It seems that when I started using Google Photos that incredible amounts of bandwidth has accumulated on her ISP.

She has a separate login and Google account for the Chromebook. I am the administrator of that Chromebook; hence my Google account is the main one for that computer.

I am wondering though even when I am logged off on that Chromebook is if the thousands of photos I uploaded to Google Photos from my Mac is somehow effecting bandwidth usage on the Chromebook even when I am not logged into the Chromebook?
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