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Got my Chromebook in the mail!!!!!

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The fancy box!

Looks like I got the 'rdlviper' test driven one, which is just fine by me.

There she is!

That is right, I get excited about keyboards!

On my favourite forum ;)
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Glad you received it Modder!
Congrats on your win, and hope you enjoy it!!!
Sweet! That was pretty fast! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Now you are going to be experienced and informed, instead of just informed. I am jealous, but happy for you, of course!
Is Modder one among the lucky winners of the Chromebook? I am getting even more anxious and hoping I become one of the few lucky winners.
Yep, Modder was the second winner! I am pretty sure all three winners have been announced, although I am pretty sure there could be an Acer contest sometime in the future. Congrats Modder!
HAHA the best part is you made the joke about him test driving your Chromebook you won before you won...and you ended up with that one!! Best Thread ever!!

Mine is in the Post tomorrow!! So stoked.
Modder, congratulations! I am glad you shared some pictures with us! With great power comes great responsibility now! So now you gotta help all us Chromebook noobs! May the force be with you!
Congrats Modder! Enjoy and make sure to keep us in the loop with your progress!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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