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Hello -

I have a client whose GX520 has a damaged Front Panel USB PCBA. Some dummy tried to force a USB connector into both jacks (flipped over) and broke the jacks. Probably destroyed his plug in the process.

I have a number of old (out of service) Dell chasses. I pulled the PCBA out of one but then noticed it was a 745 chassis. So, got a GX520 and removed that PCBA. The PCBA numbers are different so I will stay with the GX520 PCBA, which has the Barcode # CN-0KJ257-69861-66M-114B and Rev A00.

Called Dell Tech Spt to see if they had any records of what the GX520 PCBA number should be. That was a wasted call. Figures.

So does anyone know if there were any different Front Panel PCBAs for the Optiplex GX520 series?

Any help will be appreciated.


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