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Happy New Year folks, I'm Alex from Scarborough, UK; I'm new here.

I've just bought an Asus C300 Chromebook, and I'm very pleased with it. However there are a few things I would like to do with it, which should be possible technically, but in reality may not be practical. I'm not sure which, currently is the best way to proceed. Any help would be appreciated.

Specifically, I'd like to visit so I can view the satellite tv channels that I subscribe to. The site uses Silverlight. Before my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop died, I used to dual boot with 64 bit Ubuntu Studio Linux, but could never manage to view the content at when booted in Linux. The current Linux Format magazine has an article on how to view Silverlight content, but it didn't work with I didn't check any other Silverlight sites. I followed the article correctly, ensuring there were no errors, but it made no visible difference at all as far as I was concerned.

The site offers an Android app now, so maybe the best way to proceed would be to install this? How would I go about doing that? I run the developer version of Chrome OS, and have no problems in putting the machine in developer mode etc ie voiding the manufacturers warranty.

I would also like to run Virtual DJ which is a Windows application, and I would like to run the F1 live timing app at This is a Java app, but I understand this is not possible on a Chromebook. This is not an urgent need though, as the next F1 race isn't until March so I cannot test if it works until then.

I have 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, with serial numbers. Is it possible to install one of these OS, and have the machine give me a boot menu so I can choose either Windows 7 or Chrome OS at bootup? Would it be practical? ie it might work would the performance be good enough to make the machine useable? How would I go about doing this?

It seems like a lot of messing about just to view Silverlight content so I am going to investigate the Android option next, although, if it is possible, I would like to install Windows 7. Also, I have a 32 bit version of XP Pro, with serial number, so that might work better performance wise than Windows 7, but I really don't want to running that OS.

Another option, would be to install Linux, and take the Linux route, although I couldn't get my Linux box to view the content at so why would it be any different on the Chromebook? I guess I could install Linux (I really don't want to be running Crouton and have the machine take 3o mins installing every time.) Is it possible to install Crouton so you don't have to go through this procedure every time?

I guess I could install a Linux, and then virtualise Windows 7, but I'm sure there will be a performance hit, and maybe I wouldn't have enough hard disk space. This is getting ridiculous now though. Installing Linux so I can virtualize Windows 7 so I can view Silverlight content... It would make more sense just to install Windows 7, and this would be handy, because then I could run Virtual DJ.

The Chromebook is currently my only machine. It has an Intel® Celeron® Processor N2830 and a 32GB "hard" drive.

aha tia from Alex.

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I just read this info: Your Chromebook will let you load a new OS through a USB drive

If we can boot into the O/S of our choice soon with a chromebook then Linux booting becomes a quick boot possibility. I do not believe it is possible to boot windows from a USB stick, like Linux.

You should be able to pick up a cheap netbook on ebay and run winXP for your specific needs. I would clone the the winXP hard drive as a malware protection backup. You could also put a good Debian based Linux on the netbook and run win7 in virtual box for your needs.

Instead of trying to put windows on a chromebook.
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