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Has the Acer Chromebook delay put you off?

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How many of you had your heart set on an Acer, but were put off by the delays? Who is waiting it out and who gave up and bought a Samsung Chromebook?
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Yes it has..can you imagine a scenario where you have made up your mind on purchasing this model then it is not available when you need it.

By the way, what is the reason behind the delay?
It hasn't for me because there is going to be a price drop that looks appealing to me. I am still confused why the Acer Chromebook was delayed, but some say it was a production shortage of some sort. Could have been last minute changes too.
Yes, so much so I cancelled my Acer order in favor of the Samsung.

The more I thought about it, the extra 1/2 inch of real estate became more and more appealing. If my Acer shipped on time I wouldn't have had all this time to talk myself into getting the Samsung.

Maybe it was unavoidable but then again this is going to swing Chromebook purchases to Samsung's advantage. Eventuerally the prices will drop but Acer's case is not interesting.
Not really, as I am using an early build on my Dell Mini 9. Waiting for the chance to win a free Samsung Chromebook on this forum is a bigger factor!:D
Still waiting for my Acer

I am still waiting for my Acer to ship. I would like to know why they delayed. I am always in favor of waiting to get a higher quality product, so I hope that's the reason I'm still waiting.

Anybody know the reason for the delay?
I am waiting for my Acer. It's the better price for this experience. Waiting.......
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