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Headphone Jack

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Does the headphone jack stop sound from the speakers for anyone? I've tried multiple headphones and I always get sound from both headphones and speakers, have yet to find a config to stop this.

Would like to fix it asap which might require me mailing my chromebook back
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yes. My speaker are muted when my headphones are plugged in.
So headphone or speaker. Not both.
If you are sure you pluged in your headphone completely, I assoume a hardware failure.

i had the same problem too. the jack wasnt seated all the way in. one good push and it popped all the way in and now no probs!
That would be my first thought, too - making sure the jack was pushed all the way in. If it doesn't seem to go, check that it's the right one, then check that there's not foreign matter in the jack.
There was also an issue with the last DEV channel...But I won't think you would change it to DEV that is crazy talk ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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